What Is An Inspection About?

What is an inspection about?

An inspection is about providing you, our client with all the required knowledge of your chosen property.

Refer to the specific services for a full list of what is provided.

What is inspected on site:

We carry out a Building Inspection of the Dwellings internal spaces, roof space, subfloor space, external and roof covering. We also inspect that there are smoke alarms in place, insulation in the roof space, the roof frame is structurally sound, any cracking, movement, that the footings/stumps are plumb and tied into the bearers, condition of the timber members, window and doors are openable and hardware is not defective, this is not an exhaustive list. We also inspect any attached or detached structure, for example: Veranda, Pergola, Deck, Swimming Pool Fencing, Spa Fencing, Sheds and Garages, for your ‘Peace of Mind’.

glasgow inspection - What Is An Inspection About?

Depending on the condition of the property, size and areas to be inspected, the Inspection can take up to hour and a half. For a Verbal Inspection, join the Inspector on-site and have it all explained to you in person, or the Report can be developed to a computer based format for your records. The Inspector will phone you after the Inspection to give you an update and what to expect in the Report.