Unlawful Building Works – Notices/Orders Gippsland

  • Have you just bought a property that has unlawful Building Works on it?
  • Are you selling your property with Building Works that have been carried out without a Building Permit?
  • Has Council issued you a Show Cause Notice for unlawful Building Works?

Then you need Glasgow Building Inspections Compliance Inspection / Reports.

Glasgow are qualified Building Surveyors and we carry out Inspections and Reports for Building Works without a Building Permit.

We nominate any identified defect and generate a Compliance Inspection Report.

The Compliance Report forms part of your documentation required by Council under Show Cause Notice.

You also can include our Report with your Section 32 to nominate any defects with the construction, to be transparent to the new owners.

We can also assist you with responding to Council and assisting you through the process.

You cannot obtain a Building Permit retrospectively, however; our Reports will assist you in achieving compliance and bringing any structure up to minimum Building Code.

We also provide Project Management Services and can arrange all trades to bring any structure up to compliance with the Building Regulations.

Compliance Inspection Reports pricing varies depending on the type and size of the Construction.

Contact Glasgow Building Inspections today for a free quote on any building matter.

Unlawful Building Works

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