Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections Gippsland

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections (which can be combined with our pest inspection reports).

Glasgow Building Inspections provides ‘Structural Building Inspections’ to assess the condition of the structural members and conditions conducive to structural failure of any structure. If you have moved into your new home and now notice that Structural works have been carried out, with signs of deflection of the Ceiling Joists, Subsidence of the Dwelling due to inadequate footing system, gaps around Window frames, Internal cracking of the Wall and Ceiling linings, then contact Glasgow ASAP to carry out a complete Structural Inspection of your home. To ensure your safety and how to rectify the previous works.

We also provide ‘Structural Pre-Purchase’ Building Inspections, for those who are buying a home and don’t need to know about the fixtures, fittings and finishes. The Structural Pre-Purchase Inspection is a cheaper option to the full comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection; only reporting on the primary building elements, nominating structural damage and conditions conducive to structural damage.

Both written and verbal reports are available, and yes verbal reports are cheaper. You can also join the Inspector on site to get immediate results right then and there of any identified defect and have it all explained to you.

NOTE: If you have already signed the Contract when buying a home and you are in the cooling off period; a Verbal Structural Building Inspection may be sufficient for your requirements, this Inspection will identify any Major Structural Defects in your new home. If a Major Structural Defect is found, this will be provided in writing and will be sufficient enough to get you out of the Contract. You could also book a combined Verbal Structural Building Inspection and Pest Inspection / Report.

If you have any questions on what is provided or would like to know more, please call us on 0447 282 182.

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections

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Pre Purchase Structural Inspections - Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections Gippsland