Pre-Purchase Home Inspections Gippsland

Scope of the Inspection:

The Inspection is a visual Inspection only identifying major defects and forming an opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of the Inspection. The Inspection is to provide advice to the prospective purchaser or another interested party in relation to the condition of the property at the time of Inspection. Any cost for rectification of defects is not included in the Inspection Report.

Please note: Glasgow Building Inspections provides much more than just identifying major defects during the Inspection. The clause relates to the Australia Standard for Pre-Purchase Home Inspections AS4349.1. Minor defects, conditions conducive to structural failure, ventilation, insulation, safety concerns, smoke alarms, energy efficiency for external doors, splash backs to wet areas and much more are provided. We prefer to carry out comprehensive, thorough Inspections to make sure you are getting the best information possible.

Areas of Inspection:

The Inspection shall cover all accessible areas. Right of entry to facilitate physical entry to the property shall be arranged by the client, or Glasgow Building Inspections on request from the client. The client shall supply all necessary information to enable the Inspector to carry out the Inspection and prepare a Report. Glasgow Building Inspections are not responsible for arranging entry to the property or parts of the property; unless agreed by Glasgow Building Inspections on request from the client. If reasonable entry is denied to Glasgow Building Inspections Inspector or reasonable access is not available, those areas do not form part of the Inspection or Report.

Glasgow Building Inspectors shall Inspect accessible parts of the building and associated structures and outbuildings within 30m of the nominated Dwelling (upon request), within the boundaries of the subject site. In this context associated structures and outbuildings include, car accommodation, ablution facilities, garden sheds, detached laundries, verandas, pergolas, swimming pools, spas, decks, fencing and retaining walls greater than 700mm in height. Also included are driveways, paths, steps, stormwater runoff, surface water drainage and earth embankments.

Our inspections cover:

  • The exterior of the building;
  • The roof space;
  • The subfloor space;
  • The roof exterior;
  • The interior of the building;
  • Any agreed structures within 30m of the subject building.

Inspection of Company and Strata Title residential property shall be limited to the nominated residence and does not include common property. (AS4349.1).

Accessible area definition:

An area of the site where sufficient, safe and reasonable access is available to allow Inspection within the scope of the Inspection. (AS4349.1).

Safe and reasonable access:

The extent of accessible areas shall be determined by Glasgow Building Inspections Inspectors at the time of the Inspection. Roof interior access hole minimum dimensions are 450mm x 400mm with a crawl space of 600mm x 600mm and accessible by a 3.6m ladder. The subfloor access hole minimum dimensions are 500mm x 400mm with a minimum crawl space of 400mm. The roof exterior must be accessible from a 3.6m ladder placed on the ground. Reasonable access does not include the cutting of access holes or the removal of screws and bolts or any other fastenings or sealants to access covers. (AS4349.1).

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

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