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Glasgow Building Inspections: 137b Defects Reports / Owner Builder Reports.

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Have you carried out any building works?

Built a veranda? Put up a shed? Carried out renovations? Added another room to your home? Then you need a Mandatory Owner Builder Inspection and Report before selling your home. Owner Builder Reports have to be carried out by a Registered Building Inspector and are also commonly known as Defects Reports or 137B Reports.

If you have carried out any building work as an Owner Builder you will be required to have an Inspection and Report of the building work.

If you have carried out building work (under a building permit), or (without a building permit), you will also require an Inspection from Glasgow Building Inspections to assess compliance and workmanship.

Glasgow Building Inspections only hire Qualified, Registered and Insured Building Inspectors and Building Surveyors to assist you in your ‘Peace of Mind’, when selling your property.

Are Owner Builder Reports Necessary?

An Owner Builder Report is required to be included in your ‘Contract of Sale’ documentation by law which your conveyancer will stipulate prior to sale.

Glasgow Building Inspections will inspect the building works based on (Building Code of Australia (BCA) – National Construction Code (NCC)), Relevant Australian Standards, The Building Act, The Building Regulations, and Standards and Tolerances for assessment in relation to quality of workmanship and compliance. The Report developed by the Registered Building Inspector will be professionally presented to be included in your ‘Contract of Sale’ documentation for your insurance purposes and for the prospective purchaser.

If the building work including labour and materials is greater than $16,000 you will need this Report to obtain insurance. If the building work is under $16,000 then the Report only is required in your contract of sale documents.

Owner Builder Reports

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Owner Builder Reports