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What is New Home Staged Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance Home Inspections are Staged Inspections for the home owner building a home. Pre-progress payment Inspections assures the home owner that an independent Inspector has assessed the workmanship of the building works, ensures compliance with the Building Regulations and the Building Code and that the Builders are constructing the Dwelling in accordance with the Approved Plans.

This service offers ‘Peace of Mind’ to the home owner prior to payment of the construction stages or any stage during the construction of your home. We inspect paint finishes, tiling, wall and floor levels, damp proofing, brickwork, window installation, to name only a few. These Inspections also ensure that a Registered Building Surveyor, is on your side to identify defects and if they are not rectified, or sadly, if legal action is required, Glasgow Building Inspections Reports are your evidence for rectification at VCAT. All Glasgow Building Inspection employees are Qualified, Registered and Insured Building Inspectors and Building Surveyors.

Some of the stages of construction that Glasgow can assist with during your build:

Mandatory Stages:
  • Bored Piers
  • Footings
  • Pre-Slab / Steel for Slab
  • Frame
Quality Assurance Stages:
  • Lock Up Stage
  • Fixing Stage
  • Practical completion / handover inspections
  • Defects Liability Period Inspections

You can contact Glasgow during any stages of your build. To assure you of the highest service, please let our office know how we can assist you.

Registered Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors, for your Peace of Mind.

How do I find out more?

Contact Glasgow to find out what Stages during construction are the best time to rectify any identified defects, before the construction is complete. Once the Dwelling/Structure is ready for Occupancy, contact Glasgow for a thorough Inspection prior to hand over, to ensure all your finishes are perfect and you are happy with your new home.

New Home Staged Quality Assurance

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New Home Staged Quality Assurance