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Home Condition Reports assist you with your most expensive investment.

If you own an investment property and/or would like a Building Inspection of the condition of your own home, then book a Condition Report to be carried out by our Qualified, Registered and Insured Building Inspectors. The Inspection will cover any maintenance items, safety concerns and structural issues throughout your home or investment. This Report will enable you to create your own maintenance list of works, to be carried out over the following twelve months to five years. You also could engage a licensed builder to carry out the nominated works to ensure your biggest investment is being taken care of.

When you own an investment property you want to make sure your property is earning you the best equity it can, so keeping up on maintenance and having a Building Inspection annually will ensure your money is working for you. Book a Condition Report today, for your ‘Peace of Mind’.

The final Report is presented as a computer based format with attached photographs.

Home Condition Reports

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Home Condition Reports