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Exclusive to Glasgow!!

Glasgow Building Inspections is once again, leading the Building Inspection Industry with better and easier ways to assist our clients.

We now provide Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports. Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports are like our Pre-Purchase Reports, however; we’ve decided to be proactive and ensure Vendors are prepared ahead of the Sale of their property.

Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports are our Combined Structural Building Inspection/Report with our Full Comprehensive Pest Inspection/Report. We also have added extras for your Peace of Mind.

Obtaining Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports from Registered Building Surveyors is invaluable to include in your Section 32 ‘Contract of Sale’ documentation.

Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports enables you to:

  • Be prepared for any potential issue with your home prior to accepting an offer
  • Be proactive and transparent and receive the highest offer on your home
  • Ensure your sale doesn’t fall through due to unknown issues.
  • Allows time to rectify any major defect.
  • Gives you confidence when selling your home.

Being transparent to the prospective purchaser of any major defects in your home will enable you, the Vendor to know what may be nominated ahead of time. Knowing what building works are defective, will ensure the opportunity to remedy any defect or at least be aware of the potential issues prior to the sale of your property.

‘Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports’ will identify any issues that potential purchasers may discover that could jeopardise your sale.

Project Management:

Not only does Glasgow carry out all types of building inspections, we now also offer Project Management services on any works that are required or requested to be carried out. Glasgow only employees Qualified, Registered and Insured Practitioners, for your Peace of Mind.

Please refer to the Project Management page for further information, or contact Glasgow today!

Electrical Safety:

Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports can include our Test and Tag Electrical Safety Inspection. These inspections vary depending on your requirements. However; we have found that General Power Outlet (GPO) Testing is very popular with our clients. This is a polarity test that ensures that all GPO’s are tested and tagged if any fault is identified, to ensure you and your family and the new family buying your home are safe from electrical shock.

We provide:

  • Test & Tag / Microwave Leakage Testing & Compliance
  • Power outlet Polarity & Circuit Breaker Testing
  • EMF Testing
  • Formaldehyde Testing
  • CO2 Testing
  • Asbestos Registers and Testing
  • Asbestos Awareness Information.

Please refer to the Electrical Testing page or contact Glasgow today!

Owner Builder 137b Defects Report:

We do of course provide Owner Builder Defects 137b Reports for any building works carried out, with same day turn-around. Owner Builder Reports are required if any building works have been carried out at the property within the last 7 years, including building works that did not require a Building Permit.

Glasgow has once again thought of everything to assist, not only the Vendors, but the Real Estate Agents and the prospective purchaser.

Obtaining Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports, which are exclusive from Glasgow Building Inspections, will ensure a smoother transition for all parties during the buying and selling process.

Options available under ‘Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports’:

1. Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Combined Comprehensive Building and Pest Reports:

  • Building Inspection on all identified defects, including minor defects to assist in maintaining your home.
  • Pest Report is our standard and thorough Pest Inspection.

2. Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Combined Structural Building and Pest Reports: with or without our Polarity Testing (most popular option, with our Polarity Testing).

  • Structural Building Inspection, nominating Major Structural Defects and conditions conducive to Structural failure.
  • Pest Report is our thorough Pest Inspection.
  • Polarity Testing.

3. Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Pest Inspection Only:

  • Pest Inspection thorough, includes electronic moisture testing, manually inspecting all timber products, external stumps investigation and more…

4. Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Building Only: Comprehensive and Structural.

  • Building Inspection on all identified defects, including minor defects to assist in maintaining your home.
  • Structural Building Inspection, nominating Major Structural Defects and conditions conducive to Structural failure.

5. Glasgow’s Electrical Safety Inspections:

  • Test and Tag; Power Outlet Polarity Testing; Circuit Breaker Testing; Microwave Leakage Testing & Compliance; EMF Testing; Formaldehyde Testing; CO2 Testing.
  • Electrical Testing of GPO’s to determine if there are any faults during operation.
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing to Meter Box, to determine the amount of EMF is being dispersed.
  • Microwave testing to determine any leakage and compliance within the maximum tolerances.

6. Asbestos Identification and Testing.

  • Asbestos is a dangerous material that was installed in various locations in Dwellings prior to 1985. Therefore; many Dwellings have Asbestos products installed and some Dwellings on the cusp of 1985 are questionable. However; we at Glasgow offer Asbestos product testing to give our clients the knowledge of the material prior to engaging an Asbestos Removalist, or disturbing this dangerous product.

7. Asbestos Awareness Information: Free Booklet.

  • If we believe a product may contain Asbestos, we include a copy of the Health Departments Asbestos Awareness Booklet for your information.

With ALL our Services linking to each other, delivering an improved and smoother transition during the Buying and Selling process, why wouldn’t you go with the best! Glasgow Building Inspections leading the Building Inspection Industry since 2013.

Contact Glasgow today and let us know how we can help you!

Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports

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Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports