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Building Inspection Consultations on any building matter

Glasgow Building Inspections provides on-site Building Inspection Consultations relating to any home defect, issue or worry. For example: Internal cracking of the plasterboard wall or ceiling lining; uneven flooring; poor installation of tiling; framing issues; workmanship issues; installation of cabinetry issues; drainage; damp issues, you tell us what you’re not happy with and we will come and Inspect it for you, on any matter relating to the Dwelling or associated Structures.

The Consultation includes:

  • The On-Site Inspection
  • Professional Computer Based Written Report
  • Associated Photographs to explain the Defect
  • Recommendations for further expert advice and costs for rectification e.g. from a licensed building contractor, structural engineer, etc.
  • Summary of the Report

Hand written on site Reports are also available.

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Building Inspection Consultations

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Building Inspection Consultations