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Glasgow 300! — the quantity of items our Inspectors are taking into consideration whilst inspecting your new home or investment.

Glasgow is your local Registered Team!

Glasgow’s Awesome Duo! Provides thorough reporting on all items that could cause you cost or concern to assist you through the buying processes.

Benefits of Glasgow 300!

Glasgow’s friendly team arranges everything for you, so sit back and relax once you go with Glasgow! 

Glasgow 300! Items checked to ensure you know where you stand before signing the Contract.  

Glasgow 300! Gives you the power of negotiation to ensure you know where you stand with not only current maintenance and condition, but where costs could arise in the future.

Having Registered knowledge in your corner during the buying process, can save you $10,000.00+.  

Registered as Building Surveyors, Building Inspectors, Pest Inspectors, Pest Controller with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and the Department of Health (DOP), for your Peace of Mind! 

Glasgow’s high level of knowledge and service is why Glasgow 300! is blowing the competition out of the water! 


Registered Building Surveyor/Inspector


Registered Pest Controller/Inspectors


Identify and sign off a major structural defect without the need for a structural engineer's report


Minor maintenance list, including photos. Assists in maintaining your home or investment


Referencing the Building Act, Building Regulations, Building Code, Australian Standards, workmanship and compliance


Unlawful building works


Fire Ratings


Siting (location), of the secondary structures. Part 5, siting refers to The Building Regulations 2018


When a Building Permit is required


When an Owner Builder 137b Defects Report is required


When compliance certificates are required


Glasgow is licensed and provides Electrical Safety, Asbestos Identification and Awareness and Meth Testing and Sampling

Much more is included to support our client through the buying processes,
please let our office know if you have any specific requirements.

Contact our friendly team through the booking form to ensure your inspections are carried out by your local Registered Building and Pest Inspectors. 

Our thorough reporting, support and advice is paramount as you will know what we know. Photos included in both Reports for minor maintenance, to assist in keeping the equity in your home.

Glasgow 300! Has been designed due to popular demand of knowing everything you need to know about your chosen property. 

Additional licensed services to provide thorough reporting on your property includes our Electrical Safety, Asbestos Identification and Meth Testing and Sampling to complete your packages.  

Combine your services and save! Glasgow 300! We work for you!


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