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Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports have been created for the Vendor when selling their home. We at Glasgow have thought of a way to reduce the stress to Vendors, Purchasers, Real Estate Agents and Conveyances by designing our Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports. Our Reports include our Combined Building and Pest Inspection & Reports, with our combined knowledge of 40 years!

Our Inspectors will carry out thorough inspections to ensure you as the Vendor are prepared for what may arise moving forward.  We then carry out a Final Inspection to finalize any works that the Vendor may have carried out to present their home for Sale.

Additional services added for Peace of Mind are our Electrical Safety, Asbestos Identification, Owner Builder 137b Defects Reports and Project Management Services for any requested building works.

Glasgow is Registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) as Building Surveyors, which is the highest Registered Practitioners.  Our Pest Inspector is the best in the business with over 25 years experience and is Registered with the Department of Health.  Not only nominating Termite affected Timbers, but Mould, Rot and Decay.

Glasgow’s home inspections assists you in knowing any major defects, conditions conducive to structural damage for example: timber roof frame defects, damaged building elements; evidence of mould, lack of ventilation to the subfloor space, rodents inhabiting the roof space; cracking in the internal plasterboard lining and external cladding.  Anything that may cause you cost or concern; for example: Unlawful Building Works, When a Building Permit is required, Building compliance, drainage, roof plumbing, pool safety and much more…

Knowing more about the property you’re deciding to purchase will assist you in determining a dollar figure for remedial or rectification works, giving you the power of negotiation.

Yes, verbal reports are cheaper. You can join the inspector on site and get all the required information then and there or the inspector can phone you with the results of the inspection. As this is not a professional written report, it is a cheaper option. However, any major defects will be provided in written format.

Yes we do. Glasgow Building Inspections can also provide you with Pest Inspections. Our Registered Pest Inspector has over 25 years experience and is registered with the Department of Health.  Not only nominating Termite affected Timbers, but Mould, Rot and Decay.

Join our Pest Inspector on site, Glasgow Inspectors experience and knowledge are second to none.

Yes it is. If you require both building and pest inspections, then book a combined inspection, as each individually will be more expensive.  The awesome duo will provide you with all the information you require about your chosen property.  Glasgow’s registered Inspectors are the best in the business with a combined knowledge of 40 years.

You are welcome to join our qualified inspectors on site, alternatively; we phone you at the end of the day with a run down on your results.

You can contact our friendly team today on our Book Now button or phone 0447 282 182.

Yes, Glasgow Building Inspections employees are all Qualified, Registered and Insured Building Surveyors and Building & Pest Inspectors.

You can visit the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Website, (Registered Practitioners Governing body), to check any Registered Practitioners Registrations. Also, we have our I.D. Cards available upon request.

Go with the best, choose Glasgow Building Inspections for your Peace of Mind.

Prices for Building Inspection Services can vary, depending on the quality of the Inspection and Report.  Also depending on what service you require.  Glasgow provides all types of Building Inspections.

Glasgow only employee Registered Practitioners and our prices and services are second-to-none.  There are some people who are not registered trying their hand at inspections, however; the level of knowledge and experience of the Registered Building Inspectors at Glasgow are second-to-none and of course, Local V’s out of town pricing.

Glasgow Building Inspections Reports are comprehensive and include photos of the identified defects. We also identify unlawful building works and when an Owner Builder Report is required, to ensure you, our clients have ALL the information possible about your chosen property. You are also welcome to join our qualified inspectors on site, and ask any questions you may have about your chosen property.

The customer care and attention given by Glasgow Building Inspections starts the moment we converse.

Book your Inspections with Glasgow Building Inspections today, and find out what the buzz is all about!

Yes we do. Glasgow Building Inspections Inspect and Report on Domestic, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail Buildings.

You can contact our friendly team at anytime through our Contact Us tab on our Website.

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